Leadership: a critical success factor for business

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Leadership is well recognised as top priority on the strategic agenda. Effective and inspiring leaders have the potential to significantly increase engagement and bottom line.

In Australia roughly $1 billion is spent on identifying and developing the next generation of leaders. If your organisation is one of those investing in their leadership succession plan, you will be developing their Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience, together with other soft skills.

The challenge is this. According to several bodies of research, a high proportion of direct reports (up to 75%) consider their boss to be incompetent. Not technically incompetent. Incompetent in the area of personal and interpersonal capabilities. Just those things that make a leader effective and even inspirational.

So, with the significant investment in just those skills and capabilities, why are so many leaders still being judged as not measuring up?  Understanding and fine=tuning their internal compass – their mindsets and the unconscious tapes that drive their behaviour.

What makes us different in the crowded area of leadership?

In such a crowded area for business, you would expect there to be many top level providers of services to identify and develop potential leaders. There are. According to McKinsey, there are four common mistakes organisations make in developing their leaders and one of those four mistakes is underestimating the power of mindsets.  Organisations recognise that the key to more effective leadership is often changing behaviour which they also recognise involves changing mindsets.  Even with that knowledge, organisations don’t want to create an uncomfortable situation for the leader, the trainer, mentor, boss or coach. So they go gently

The challenge is without that behavioural change at a core level, your programmes will not deliver the effectiveness you are expecting!

Our work is designed to identify, challenge and shift mindsets that stand in the way of leaders stepping up, accepting change, recognising the impact of their behaviour or any other circumstance that necessitates a behavioural change.

Swedish Massage vs. Shiatsu – the key to unlocking performance

Think about different types of massage you can get.

The typical leadership programme can be likened to Swedish Massage – typically gentle, relaxing with long soothing strokes designed to release tension.

Now think about Shiatsu Massage – pressure point work performed along your energy channels designed to remove blockages. Shiatsu is not gentle. The Shiatsu practitioner will find painful knots along those energy channels and hold those knots until they release, allowing the energy to move freely once more.

We are the Shiatsu practitioners for leaders We will find the limiting mindsets, the barriers to performance and in a safe, respectful and compassionate way, hold those pain points until they release, allowing the executive to shift mindset and behaviour to get the results they need and want.

Underperforming leaders or inspiring Executives?

If you’re satisfied with the performance of your aspiring or existing leaders, then read no further.

If, on the other hand, you recognise that your talented people may have so much more they could contribute and that the programmes you’ve provided them with so far haven’t unlocked that potential, then please contact us for a confidential conversation.

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